KOPELCO manufactures, tests, packs, markets and distributes the Tulipán brand in Argentina, and exports their products to several countries within Latin America.

By 1986, the knowledge acquired to manufacture latex spinning and the desire to develop new businesses led Alberto Kopelowicz to venture into the world of condoms. True to his entrepreneur style, he put together a team of chemists to develop the formula, while assembling his own machine to manufacture them, coordinating a workshop with specialized engineers.
In 1989, the Tulipán brand was born and settled in the local market, combining safety with pleasure and fun.
Always a pioneer, it innovated with its ground­-breaking set of intimate gels in the country, when there were no personal lubricants in Argentina.
While only one variety of condoms was initially manufactured, Tulipán currently includes the best products worldwide. It has a wide variety of condoms, different intimate gels, sex toys and natural energizers, both for men and women, which improve sexual performance.

Tulipán owns 40% of Argentina's market share, selling all over the country thanks to its wide distribution network, and exporting to several countries within Latin America.
It´s also one of the Government's most important suppliers for STDs (Sexual Transmitted Diseases) prevention campaigns.

It has its own laboratories for cosmetics, where they manufacture intimate gels, and a lab approved by the Ministry of Health to perform physical, chemical and microbiological analyses of condoms, as well as product quality controls for other companies. The laboratory complies with all the international quality standards required by countries with the highest health security standards.

Tulipán performs market research to ask consumers for their opinion regarding sexual pleasure, and it constantly innovates, develops and releases new products into the market to satisfy them and continuously exceed their expectations.